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MST Countdown Timer


Baking a pie, but don’t want to lose track of time? Doing laundry, but don’t want to forget about it? Worried about leaving your kids at daycare for four extra hours… again?

With MST Countdown Timer, you can set any amount of time that you would like, no matter how long. When the timer reaches zero, it plays a very annoying sound… until you press pause/stop. You can even change the sound that plays when it reaches zero, choose what notification shows up in the System Tray, shutdown or restart your computer, and more.

MST Countdown Timer is feature-packed countdown timer application, written in VB.NET and has a target of Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and above.

Current Version: 5.0

Pre-Windows 7
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

Key Functions

  • Choose a time: 1 minute, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or custom
  • Play any .wav file at timer completion, change looping and audio increment or disable audio completely
  • Lock system, shutdown system, and log off user profile options at timer completion
  • Mini timer pop-out which stays on top of all open windows and programs
  • The System Tray icon can show the application, as well as quickly exit it
  • System tray notification with customizable text
  • Automatic saving of user preferences, including default time radio button selection
  • Multi-monitor detection and configuration for default window location.


Main window, expanded
System tray notification options panel
Post-completion options panel
Audio options panel
Audio options – expanded panel
System tray notification example
Screen location preferences